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Get outsourced work from clients around the world

Clients post their project requirements and you apply with a proposal that includes a project timeline, project cost, and payment terms. if the client agrees, you get the project.

Provide the project requirements to you

The client shares the project requirements. These requirements are so specific that anyone is able to clearly understand the scope of the project to prepare a proposal. The project may need multiple team members like developers, project managers, UI designers, testing teams etc.


You apply with your proposal

The benefit of outsourced work is that you can deploy a whole set of teams and charge for planning, project management, and include the cost for risk. With outsourced work, the project management, execution, and completion risk lie with you. The positive side is such projects have more profit margins.


If shortlisted, you sign a contract

Ensure the contract is very clear with all your terms and conditions. The contract has the agreed scope of work clearly, the milestones or project deadlines defined, project cost and payment terms.


You are responsible for executing the project, and you will be responsible for the in-time delivery of the project, and after successful completion, you get paid.

Timely delivery and weekly meetings and demos with clients to update the project progress are essential.


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