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Key Feature

When companies are not hiring,they use Aumnics to get work done efficiently.

When you hire someone on connect

The contractors join your workspace and you can start working with your team straightaway. This integration of connect with Aumnics improved customer experience.

Work as one

Whether it is the contractor you hired on connect, or employees both work together via groups. Groups help all your teams collaborate on projects effectively and complete work smoothly.

Sharing files is easy

Just drag and drop the files to share with a particular person, group or save them for your future access. Taking feedback on files is easy.

Find anything in your workspace in seconds.

Whether it's messages, meetings, files, or any other information you can search and find easily in seconds. You will never lose anything in your workspace.

@mentions and reactions

Mentions and reactions help your teams not miss anything important from their sight. You can stay focused and write things.

Audio/video calls/ screen sharing

Collaboration without audio/video calls and screen sharing is not imaginable so we got you covered. If you want to schedule a call or have an instant meeting with your team, you can do it all.

Attendance, Leave management just got simpler


Working from a remote location?

Everyone can be on the same page with our "Team-availability" feature. You know who is at the desk working or taking a short coffee break.


Smart attendance

Your team members have to type these commands like sign in, sign out, taking a break, going into a meeting, etc. All these commands insert data related to attendance


Knowing productive hours

It is important to know the actual productive hours spent at work by every employee, contractor. These insights help you understand and plan your work properly.


Setup leave policies, Leave types

Configure your leave policies and type of leaves once and this will help your employees understand how to manage their leaves while they apply.


Manage leaves

Everyone can apply for leaves or seek permission from the messages console. Their reporting manager can approve instantly and the employees get the leave approval confirmation as a message.



You will have extensive reports at your fingertips. Now managing teams from your office or remote locations isvery easy.

Manage your company policies and exit formalities efficiently

Company documents

This section is where companies post their policy documents for all their contractors and employees to have access to company policies.

Manage exit formalities efficiently.

When an employee resigns, the notice period is a critical time to manage the work expectations from both sides. Defining expectations and dependencies and agreeing at the beginning mutually helps. We help you manage this period efficiently.

Timesheets and Invoice automation

Organize projects, track time, and report your work

Coordinate projects and tasks. Report your work hours

Track your work hours

With our task manager, you can track your work at any time. Time tracking will not be a hassle anymore

Report your work

Customers need details such as Total project cost, Module cost, person total cost so far, and so on. Our free task manager software provides all the reports you will ever need to track work effectively.

Managing your clients and providers was never so easy.

Manage your contracts with your clients or service providers and automate your invoices.

Add your clients and service providers to manage contracts efficiently and to automate your invoicing process.

Managing your external relationships was never so easy.

Your customers and service providers will also be in your chat interface for you to collaborate with them efficiently.


We have built an app store and provided few apps like Google calendar integration, GitLab integration, Jenkins integration to your enterprise workspace.

We are building more apps

We shall increase apps in the Aumnics app store so you can do everything from one place without having to leave your workspace.

Platform as a service (Paas).

Other companies can build their app integrations on the Aumnics app store. Our app store enables them to bag more customers from the Aumnics ecosystem.

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