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qoute-start The whole challange is to build trust and reliability so clients can hire with confidence. we do not leave any stone unturned to achieve this. qoute-start

Our vetting process?


Identity Verification

We verify identity of every programmer and every company so you deal with geniune companies.


Payment Verification

We verify the bank accounts by deducting and depositing a small amount.


Through vetting by GIN

Our detailed vetting process ensure that we check coding, subject and all other skills.

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Measuring Performance is the key


Capture data from various tools

Time punching, Calender events, Project management, and other apps

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Capture feedback from key stakeholders

Reporting manager, customers, interviewer, co-workers, assessments

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What we measure?

We build 26 KPI's to calculate talent score

Logical Skills

Subject Skills

Functional Knowledge

Languages Known


Common sense / smartness



Presentation skills

Oratory skills

Leadership skills

Team management skills

Planning skills

Meets deadlines

Research skills

Documentation skills

Hiring skills

Self Skills Upgrading

Listening skills

Training skills

Design Skills

Follows processes/ procedures

Manage pressure situations

Takes new initiatives

Sense of humor/ playfulness


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Safety by design

We designed keeping in mind both online and offline environment


We have contracts with every Aumnics partner, and we educate and train with workshops and encourage service providers to create a better customer experience.

Secure payments

We accept payments on the platform to ensure secure returns, in case of cancellations or conflicts. We blacklist all the companies that directly deal with payments. As this may compromise security for our customers.

Account protection

We take a number of measures to safeguard your Aumnics account, like requiring multi-factor authentication when a login is attempted from a new phone or computer and sending you account alerts when changes are made.

Scam prevention

Always pay and communicate through the Aumnics platform. As long as you stay on Aumnics throughout the entire process – from communication through to booking and payment – you’re protected by our multi-layer defense strategy.


Stay Connected. Do less outside the platform

We assure trust and reliability as everything happens within the platform and our app store brings more capabilities to your workspace. We will add more apps so you can do everything from one place.


We're here if you need us

Our team will always make things right for you. Let us know if you would like to know anything related to Aumnics.

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Yes! every person published on Aumnics is thoroughly vetted and will have a talent score.
No. If your organization publishes you on Aumnics connect. Then you will be able to book a slot for an interview with a global interview network of Aumnics. If you qualify in such interviews then you get the Talent score.
No our vetted process includes Talent score. If your organization publish you then after thoroughly vetting your skills global interview network of Aumnics will give you a score called Talent score. It is mandatory for anyone to be published on Aumnics.
No, your team lead or your company admin only will be able to publish you on Aumnics without talent score no one can be published on Aumnics connect.
As of now only teams that use connect get the talent score. If we change our policy in the future we may allow it. Not right now.
No! as per the services agreement you sign with Aumnics. You should not use talent score outside Aumnics.

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