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You can out-staff your team

When you out-staff your software development teams, your employees join as the contractor to your customer's workspace and work remotely. They assign tasks and get work done by your employees.


Out-staff your employees for remote or onsite work. If clients hire them to work from a remote location then, they typically work from your office

Out-staffing removes the risk of project management for you and give clients full-control of the project as per their requirements. Out-staffing is also called Managed IT Services.

Out-staffing benefits

Candidates go through 3 levels of interviews by GIN before they are available on connect for clients to hire.


No project management risk

Since the work is planned and allotted by the client to the contractor, you won't have the the pressure of project management.


No delivery and deadline hassles for your company

The contractor simply completes the work as per the agreed timelines with the client. As a company, you don't have any hassle of delivery or deadline.


You can scale as much as possible by out-staffing as contractors

All you need to do is hire great talent and publish them on connect. You do not need to worry about bagging new customers with Aumnics on your side.

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